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Flexibility beyond borders

Convection oven with revolving trolley, designed to guarantee excellent performances even for the most delicate products, suitable for the artisan who seeks the highest cooking quality, for large-scale distribution for reliability and for industry for “heavy” use at loop.

Maximum attention to energy
efficiency starting from the door
seal up to the heat exchanger.

Cooking air flows from bottom to
top for a “ground” cooking effect.

Glass door with low-emissivity

Air fl ows controlled by 4 rows of
dampers guarantee excellent
homogeneity and excellent
cooking quality.


Details, an added value

Hygienically effective construction details as the external
glass folding opening door that allows easy cleaning of the
compartment between the glasses and an unobstructed floor
that allows extremely effective cleaning.


  1. Arrangement for two-stage gas burner
  2. Inverter for the cooking air fan
  3. Steam forced exhaust valve
  4. Turntable platform

Touch screen control panel intuitive and full functions useful to simplify the production.

The silicon gaskets mounted on the door frame ensure the door steam tightness. The steam tightness can be settled at any time by simply adjusting the door hinges.

Basic features

Intuitive touch screen control panel and external USB 2.0 port for fast and secure data transfer

Baking temperature: 300°C MAX

Firing air flows from the bottom to the top for a "ground" firing effect, controlled by 4 rows of dampers to ensure excellent homogeneity and firing quality

High-efficiency stainless steel heat exchanger and combustion chamber (for fuel versions)

Differentially powered armored heating elements (for electric versions)

Steamer placed close to the heat exchanger to ensure abundant steam production and a short recovery time equipped with removable vaporizing elements for easy cleaning

Intuitive touch screen control panel and external usb 2.0 port for fast and secure data transfer

Motorized vapor exhaust valve

Door with useful trolley entrance height 1950 mm (except model 4676 height 1850 mm)

Adjustable door for consistently perfect vapor tightness

Stainless steel door gaskets and heat-, aging-, and impact-resistant silicone rubber ensure excellent sealing of door vapor

Door locking system with 2-point latching, top and bottom, to ensure efficient vapor sealing

Raised cooking chamber base for greater thermal insulation from the ground

Firing chamber access ramp with moderate slope for easy entry and exit of the trolley

Double-glazed door, one of which is low-emissivity inside to keep lil heat inside the oven

Accessible electrical panel on the front side of the oven (f version)

Technical data


Oven with heat exchanger left side to oven with front burner access


Oven with heat exchanger at rear of oven with burner access from left side


Combustion furnace


Electric oven



Aluminum trays flat, perforated, corrugated. Teflon or aluminum

Aluminum trays flat, perforated, corrugated. Teflon or aluminum

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