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Versatile and efficient

Compact Rotor Oven, easy and quick to install. Thanks to its modular structure BELL can easily pass through common doors and can be installed in premises with very low ceilings. Bell Free-style is the first “three-section rotary rack oven“ (patented) that can bake just a few trays (a complete rack is not always needed) avoiding any access of energy consumption.

High energy efficiency with the
EASY and FREE-STYLE versions.

Quick and easy installation.

Automatic ignition system.

2 cooking ventilation speeds
HIGH for common bread and pastries LOW ideal for delicate pastries.


Details, an added value

Maintenance operations all executable from the front, from above, or inside the oven (clickable on 3 sides).

Free-style patent: allows you to reduce consumption by 33% or 66% when you don’t need the full cart: you decide whether to bake 5, 10 or 15/18 pans and consume 1/3, 2/3 or 3/3 of the power accordingly.

Three large capacity rear fans; 12 airflow adjustment sends.

Basic features

Digital control panel with scroll system, LCD screen and LED display, 30 storable programs

Weekly ignition programmer (2 daily)

Rotation system with upper hook (suspended & trolley constrained)

2 cooking ventilation speeds

Double-glazed door with opening over 180 degrees

Insulation with high-density rock wool panels

Oven structure (inside and outside) completely made of stainless steel

Traditional waterfall steamer

Manual steam relief valves

Hood with extractor fan

"FREESTYLE" economizer for 1/3 - 2/3 - 3/3 cooking (patented system)

Power supply

Fuel supply (gas, LPG, or diesel)

Delivery in 2 modules (simple assembly max 2/3 hours)

Technical data



Aluminum trays flat, perforated, corrugated. Teflon or aluminum

Aluminum trays flat, perforated, corrugated. Teflon or aluminum

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