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All-Italian evolution

Palladio is the next-generation electric deck oven designed to be robust and high-performance, with advanced technology. Equipped with totally independent cooking chambers and steamers, a simple and intuitive color Touch Screen interface, and latest generation electronics for power management with 3 modes. In addition to the reduced dimensions on the floor, and ease of installation and transport, Palladio guarantees perfect uniformity and consistency in cooking.

Independent cooking chambers, with the ability to select different temperatures in each chamber.

“Eco Power” energy economizer that optimizes kiln power in three different modes that can be selected according to production and kiln usage needs

Lighting in each room
with double lamp at
Led technology.

Thick high-density rock wool insulation that minimizes heat loss (resulting in high energy savings) and makes installation quick.


Details, an added value

Column-mounted electrical panel that provides easy and safe access to electrical components and
Removable heating elements on the front.

7″ color Touch Screen control panel with 99 multi-step programs (1 per room), independent temperature control (sky/plateau), weekly ignition programmer (2 daily).

Removable retractable front counter to minimize clutter and improve accessibility to rooms.

Base features

7'' color capacitive touch screen control panel, 99 multi-step programs with preloaded product photos

"ECO POWER" energy economizer (1 per chamber) that allows the furnace power to be managed in three different modes

USB port (1 per room)

Weekly ignition programmer (2 daily)

Control panel with independent temperature control (sky/plateau)

Completely independent rooms

High insulation thickness between chambers to minimize thermal interference between adjacent chambers

Hood with extractor fan

Steamers with eco powe management (1 per chamber) managed by the energy economizer and sized for large steam production with fast recovery times

Manual steam relief valves (1 per chamber)

Cement and clay granulate hob

Thick tempered glass doors

Higher upper chamber in all models

Front removable heating elements (front maintenance)

Additional resistance in the mouth that can be used in special cooking

Insulation with high-density rock wool panels

Technical data


Frame stand

Column lifter

Semi-automatic baking shovel

Mechanical piston lift

Baking frame

Integrated charger

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