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The guarantee for excellent products

A solution suitable for any type of production, ideal for artisanal bakeries seeking excellence, but also perfect for large continuous-cycle production with automatic loading systems. Baking is always gentle and even, never aggressive, especially recommended for large breads and products with very long baking times.

More than 30 percent energy saving compared to Masonry Furnace Tube Oven.

Independent steamers at high performance realized with Anti-corrosion components.

Combustion chamber in refractory steel with double adjustment section to guaranty the best uniformity of baking.

Optional Automatic chimney to reduce as much as possible heat dispersion.


Details, an added value

Excellent thermal efficiency guaranteed by the large steam tubes (35mm diameter and 5.5mm thickness) used to heat the oven, resulting in 30% lower consumption than tube ovens with a masonry furnace, excellent baking power and high-quality bread.

Touch version: touch screen control panel with 99 multi-stage programs, ignition programmer for automatic start, programmable vapor exhaust valve.

Simple frontal maintenance.

Basic features

LCD digital control panel and LED display, independent digital cooking-time-steaming timers for each chamber, 30 programs

7'' touch screen control panel, 99 multi-step programs with product photos

Electromechanical control panel

Weekly ignition programmer (2 daily)

Hood with extractor fan

Tubes with a diameter of 35 mm and thickness of 5.5 mm that ensure very low consumption and excellent performance even with continuous work cycles without intervals

Stand-alone special steamers (1 per chamber), fast recovery time, internal components and anti-oxidation fittings

Steam exhaust valves (1 per chamber)

Concrete agglomerate slabs.

Thick tempered glass doors, center handle (for manual opening/closing); single-track ovens with "F" side handle

Standard high upper chamber for special products (only for 3-tier ovens series 32-33-34-FR32-FR33)

Combustion chamber with 2 adjustable sectors with anti-explosion safety connection

Insulation with high-density rock wool panels

Sheet metal top cover

Technical data


Frame stand

Integrated charger

Semi-automatic or automatic firing blade

Mechanical spring lift

Baking frame

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