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Small ovens from big performance

Our Kilby ventilated ovens were made by studying the needs of pastry chefs and bakers who demand the best from even a small oven, so they can be equipped with the best technology and churn out excellent bread and pastries. All this has led to elevating the concept of the ventilated oven, resulting in a series of heavier-than-average ovens (ideal for continuous baking) that are more accurate and reliable even on direct bread baking.

Weekly programmed ignition system with 2 daily ignitions.

2 cooking ventilation speeds (standard or low ventilation for delicate or liquid products).

Reversing rotation
of the programmed fans
To optimize cooking.

Thick high-density rock wool insulation that minimizes heat loss (resulting in high energy savings) and makes
rapid assembly operations.


Details, an added value

  • Two different series according to laboratory space requirements.
  • 20 models to choose from.
  • Possibility of combining a static chamber for combined cooking solutions.
  • So many other possible combinations with a leavening cell, stand with tray rack, hood with exhaust fan.

Basic features

Digital control panel with scroll system, LCD screen and LED display, 30 storable programs

Control panel on the right side and door opening to the left (180° opening system)

Manual vapor extraction valve for Kilby T / automatic vapor extraction valve for Kilby P

2 cooking ventilation speeds

Weekly ignition programmer (2 daily)

Stainless steel exterior cladding

Insulation with rock wool panels with high thermal resistance

Steam injector (nebulizer)

Double glazing with opening inner glass (easy cleaning)

"Very heavy" oven that provides low power consumption and excellent performance even on direct bread baking

Technical data


Stainless steel stand on wheels with or without rack

Full aluminum pans,
perforated, corrugated. Teflon-coated or silicon-coated

Leavening cell on wheels

Full aluminum pans,
perforated, corrugated. Teflon-coated or silicon-coated

Static bread and pastry oven and bakery oven static for pizza

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